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HRM Vol. 4: Brashear Back to Capitals, Modano Drawing Interest from Wild

The latest information to hit my desk!

The New York Rangers waived veteran enforcer Donald Brashear today, and there is some rumblings coming from a source at the Capitals that suggests the team is interested in bringing the enforcer back. He has only one year remaining on his contract, and the Capitals lacked a fighting presence all of last season. There is no one conceivable that is in the system that could bring what Brashear does. Don’t kid yourselves with Brandon Sugden.

Brashear to the Capitals: HRM 2

Meanwhile, the Stars announced today that Mike Modano will not be returning. Although I have personally heard that the Sharks may be a likely team to make him an offer, the real team that is doing so are the Minnesota Wild. According to our various reports, come July 1, the Wild will make an offer to Modano, so that he can finish his career where it began, in Minny.

Modano to the Wild: HRM 3

By Loeb, HRM Insider


HRM Vol. 3: Rangers Interested In Koivu, Devils Tango With Sykora

What a busy afternoon it has been! We promise this will be our last report of the day to give my fingers a rest!

The New York Rangers have expressed interest in Saku Koivu to be the team’s number one center. There is no word from my partner Loeb on if the two parties have actually contacted each other yet, but there is a mutual interest between the two.

Expect Koivu to come cheap, and on the first of July, the two parties will be in contact.

Koivu to Rangers: HRM 2

The Devils also have a busy morning on their hands as well. HRM has already reported the Devils interest in center Matt Cullen, and given their latest trend of bringing back the good ole boys, it is heavily expected amongst our inner sources that the Devils will look to sign Sykora to a one year deal.

Sykora to Devils: HRM 4

By Leopold, HRM Insider

HRM Vol. 2: Paul Kariya To Anaheim, Darcy Tucker Back To Toronto

Well here are two shockers if their ever were any!

Looks like we will see two late-career re-unions from some of the once-popular names in hockey! Our insiders have been busy working the phones, and we can almost guarentee that Paul Kariya will return to the Anaheim Ducks.

A source in the Ducks organization who wishes to remain nameless told my partner, “It is without a doubt going to happen.” If you are a betting person, I’d put the whole house on this one.

Kariya to Ducks: HRM 5

This may also come to a big surprise, but is it believed that Brian Burke of the Maple Leafs has reached out to the team’s former scrapper and tough-guy Darcy Tucker.

Tucker, who has had two mediocre years in Colorado is looking to ride off into the sunset in familiar territory. Tucker is believed two be seeking a two year deal, after which he will retire from the NHL.

Tucker to Maple Leafs: HRM 2

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By Leopold, HRM Insider

HRM Vol. 1: Thrashers Interested in Nabakov, Matt Cullen to Devils

Good morning everyone!

It has been a few months since we have brought you the latest insider information, but we are back! We have some big news to pass onto you. My partner Loeb has been on the phone with Thrashers management, and they have told him they have a heavy interest in Evgeni Nabakov.

With the Sharks cutting ties with him, and now the Flyers not having an interest, the Thrashers are expected to go whole-hog in signing him. He is believed to want an upwards of $6.5-7 million, and the Thrashers want to make the playoffs this season! Good thing their goal isn’t to go far in the playoffs.

Nabokov to Thrashers: HRM 3

We also must report on Matt Cullen’s agent reaching out to the Devils. He is believed to be seeking a two-year deal, and the Devils could use his speed and backchecking ability up the middle. It is said the talks are heating up, and the two parties will reach an agreement early on July 1.

Cullen to Devils: HRM 4

By Leopold, HRM Insider