Good morning everyone!

It has been a few months since we have brought you the latest insider information, but we are back! We have some big news to pass onto you. My partner Loeb has been on the phone with Thrashers management, and they have told him they have a heavy interest in Evgeni Nabakov.

With the Sharks cutting ties with him, and now the Flyers not having an interest, the Thrashers are expected to go whole-hog in signing him. He is believed to want an upwards of $6.5-7 million, and the Thrashers want to make the playoffs this season! Good thing their goal isn’t to go far in the playoffs.

Nabokov to Thrashers: HRM 3

We also must report on Matt Cullen’s agent reaching out to the Devils. He is believed to be seeking a two-year deal, and the Devils could use his speed and backchecking ability up the middle. It is said the talks are heating up, and the two parties will reach an agreement early on July 1.

Cullen to Devils: HRM 4

By Leopold, HRM Insider