Well here are two shockers if their ever were any!

Looks like we will see two late-career re-unions from some of the once-popular names in hockey! Our insiders have been busy working the phones, and we can almost guarentee that Paul Kariya will return to the Anaheim Ducks.

A source in the Ducks organization who wishes to remain nameless told my partner, “It is without a doubt going to happen.” If you are a betting person, I’d put the whole house on this one.

Kariya to Ducks: HRM 5

This may also come to a big surprise, but is it believed that Brian Burke of the Maple Leafs has reached out to the team’s former scrapper and tough-guy Darcy Tucker.

Tucker, who has had two mediocre years in Colorado is looking to ride off into the sunset in familiar territory. Tucker is believed two be seeking a two year deal, after which he will retire from the NHL.

Tucker to Maple Leafs: HRM 2

Have a great day!

By Leopold, HRM Insider